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Ramadan is a vital time for Muslims. It’s a month of blessings and rewards from our Lord, Allah- the All-mighty.  But for our children days and nights of Ramadan might be like other days and nights of the year unless we make any extra efforts.  They can hardly feel the “Ramadan’ as they are busy as usual in school and homework. This is natural from our kids when we want to keep them within the boundaries of Islam and not giving them any Islamic alternatives. To make ‘Ramadan’ significant for them we as parents should make special efforts and plan. This only requires a small amount of creative thinking and even less effort to organize. Children are highly impressionable and intelligent individuals. Their energy, talent and creativity need to be nurtured and stimulated during all waking hours.

In the year 2002 ‘MuslimVille’ introduced Ramadan Competitions for children of the Greater Toronto Area. Since then we have been organizing this competition every year and currently designed the program online in such way that children from different cities and towns from all over the world can participate in this unique Islamic educational program.

Over the years we have added some new programs, introduced more prizes for each programs and also make changes in the programs to suit the changing world of parenting.

As a part of of this initiative following programs for kids were introduced in the month of Ramadan:

From 2017 MuslimVille is introducing Al-Quran Recitation Competition online as a part of MuslimVille Ramadan Competition

This year MuslimVille is Introducing following Competitions   

MuslimVille Ramadan


Al-Quran Recitation Competition and Ramadan Challenge 

Al-Quran Recitation: Online Recording anytime during Ramadan

Ramadan Challenge includes the following programs: Smart Cool Week, Activities Challenge, Ramadan Projects and Ramadan Readings. 


Islamic Knowledge 


Month of August

Verbal and online quiz competition based on prescribed subject at the end of the month of August every year so that participants will get opportunity to prepare themselves in summer vacation, when in the western countries schools are closed.

Webpage under construction

Little Sadaqa


Ramadan, Sawwal and Zul-Qadah

Little kids collecting money through out the months of Ramadan, Sawwal and Zul-Qadah and helping needy and orphans.

Presently we are sponsoring 26 orphans throughout the world.


We need your support as a parent/teacher

Register your child for MuslimVille Ramadan Competition 2017, Islamic Knowledge Competition and Little Sadaqa Campaign  ahead of Ramadan.

We know children will like those programs. But the main initiative should start from you, the Muslim Parents.

  • Discuss with your children about the significant of Ramadan in our life.
  • Plan ahead for the month of Ramadan.
  • Encourage to participate in Muslim Kids Ramadan Competition.
  • We tried to explain details about our programs in our web pages. Please read in details and explains to your children.
  • If you need any help call us at 416 303 2457 / 647 631 3264 or e-mail at [email protected] .com
  • We need your feedbacks.


MuslimVille Ramadan Competition 2017 Registration Opened  Now

Islamic Knowledge Competition 2017 Registration Opening soon

Little Sadaqa Campaign Registration Opening soon

Or call 416 303 2457 / 647 631 3264