Following activities is part of the competition

Smart Cool Week:
Spend a week with more creativity, productivity and learning and TV-off/Online Game-free.
Activities Challenge: 
Simply keep track of all the Islamic Activities during the month of Ramadan and
Collect money throughout the month of Ramadan for poor and needy.
Ramadan Reading:
This Ramadan read books on the Prophets of Allah and submit report online.
Ramadan Projects:
Start doing some projects in the month of Ramadan and submit online.

See below for details

Smart Cool Week

Select A Week in Ramadan & withhold yourself from any screen-time.

Turn off of your TV, Netflix, Youtube, XBox you name it, anything you can use to waste your time.

Don’t worry you won’t get disqualified if you use our website to submit your video or report, only that is allowed, but we would strongly suggest against it just so that you don’t get distracted and break your promise to yourself to be screen-free.

Challenge yourself to be production and do Islamic activity and projects. Plan ahead to devote this week to your creativity, productivity and learning.  You can devote this week to study for Islamic Knowledge Competition, or do your Project.

Whatever you decide to do, make a video using your mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, or sister’s smartphone and send it to us along with report located in the Members Section of this website.

Plan to do extra good activities that week and make an Islamic project or artwork.
For example, you can:
• make a model
• make a power-point presentation
• make a computer drawing
• draw a picture
• write an article
• write a song
• write a poem
• keep a journal

You are encouraged to include a description of your project as well.

At the end of every day of this week, go to the members section of this site and fill up the Smart-Cool Week Report upload your projects / art-works / articles / etc. 

Activities Challenge

Challenge yourself to be involve in more Islamic activities.

Activities you can do during Ramadan.

Five daily prayer on time.


Attending Tarawee prayer.

Reciting an Ayah of Quran

Reciting a Hadith

Reading Islamic literature

Memorization from the Quran

Memorization of Hadith

Memorization of Supplication/ Dua

Attending a day-long Islamic Program

Attending weekend school

Writing Islamic story/poetry/article

Volunteering in a mosque or any Islamic Program

Donating from your own money in charity

Drawing Islamic pictures

Preparing Islamic Posters

Learning  Islamic song/poetry

Islamic Story telling to younger brother or sister

Inviting a friend to an Islamic program

Visiting Islamic Web-page

Visiting a sick person

Helping parents for more than 1/2hour

Cleaning own room

Gardening 1/2 to 1 hour

Cleaning teeth at least 2 times

Also in this Ramadan get prepare for:

Islamic Knowledge Competition in July 2017

Little Sadaqa Campaign- Through out the months of Ramadan, Sawwal and Zul-Qadah 

Keep track of all the good activities (Fasting/Prayer/Study/other good deeds) that you do each day for the whole month of Ramadan online.

Each activity that you do is worth a certain amount of points.

Example: if you performed all 5 prayers, donated $1 to the mosque and memorized 1 Ayat in a day you will have earned a total of 45 points (25+10+15) according to the point system.
Once you are registered you can open Activity Challenge Calendar.
Use the Activity Challenge Calendar in the members section to keep track of your points.
The next day, try to increase the good activities you do so you can collect more points!

Ramadan Reading

This Ramadan read books on the Prophets of Allah.

Group A & B: Prophet Adam (A)

Group C: Prophet Nuh (A)

Group D: Prophets Adam(A), Nuh(A) and Ibrahim (A)

Group E: Prophets Musa(A), Isha(A) and Muhammad (S)

Select at least 4 books of your choice. Ask your parents/teacher to make a list of suggested readings on Prophets of Allah.

For preschool & kindergarten children, parents may read the books to them & maintain the ‘Ramadan Reading Report’

Try to read at least 1/2 hour every day.

Fill up the ‘Ramadan Reading Report’ online.

Ramadan Projects

Start doing some projects in the month of Ramadan.

You may do alone or in groups with your other Muslim friends or with your brothers or sisters.

Upload your Projects and Report online.

Make video presentation of you project and submit

Here are some project ideas for you

Make a digital art work

  • Use Microsoft paint.
  • Scan your hand drawing or painting;
  • Take picture(s) of your project and scan that.

Make posters or write an essay 

Write your experiences of:

  • First day of fasting in this year.
  • Best day of fasting.
  • Hardest day of fasting.
  • Iftar parties.
  • Iftar with friends.
  • Iftar at home.
  • Helping mother to prepare Iftar.
  • How I passed the Lailatul Qadar.
  • Day before Eid.
  • And lot more

Make Ramadan posters.

  • Quotations from Quran and Hadith.
  • Do and Don’ts when you fast.
  • Ramadan the Month of Quran
    • It’s introductions.
    • History of compilation.
    • Quotations.
    • Important teachings for children, etc.
  • Ramadan in different Muslim countries.
    • Collect pictures.
    • Collect information from your Muslim friends from different countries about different foods they like to have during Iftar/Suhur, dresses they like in the day of Eid, special foods in the day of Eid, etc.

More and more ideas

Ask your teachers, parents, sisters, brothers and even your friends about more ideas.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Encourage your child to be more active as a Muslim. Encourage them to maintain the Ramadan Activities calendar and keep track of all their good activities during the month of Ramadan.

The age of the participant will be taken into consideration while evaluating their point collection.

Terms and Conditions

Participant must have parental permission to participate in the competition and he/she must not be more than 13 years old. (Muslimville deserve the right to ask the participant to show his/her age proof)

Participant have to participate in all the programs of this competition.

Results of the Competition will be communicated by email to winners and posting in  by July 30, 2018

Each participant will be assessed by a team of judges and a score will be awarded out of total 100 points. Point distribution is as below:

Smart Cool Week: 30 points

Activities Challenge: 30 points

Ramadan Projects: 20 points

Ramadan Readings: 20 points

Judges will consider age of the participants.

Any complaints related to the competition will be addressed according to the discretion of Muslimville.

MuslimVille reserves the right to use the rendition as it deems fit.

Anybody from anywhere in the world can participate.

For more info please write to [email protected]

Top Prizes
Group A & B: Islamic Items ($50)
Group C, D & E: Islamic Items ($100)
Islamic Items ($25)


What to Do

Activities Challenge

Keep track of all the good activities (Fasting/Prayer/Study/other good deeds) that you do each day for the whole month of Ramadan online.

Activities Challenge Calender

Smart Cool Week

Select a week in Ramadan &  turn off all screens including televisions, computers, tablets and video games. 

Turn off of your television.
Do not play games on your devices.
Spend screen-free time.
Do some cool projects.

Submit your Projects online.


Ramadan Reading

This Ramadan read books on the Prophets of Allah and submit report


Ramadan Projects

Submit your Projects online.

Here some projects from last years

Click in picture to view bigger size